M/s. Satsun Compsys (P) Ltd, an Bangalore based company with expertise in providing Electronic, Mechanical and Semiconductor solutions encompassing Active, Passive and electro-mechanical components to our OEM and EMS customers for over a period. We have been a "Customer-centered, innovative, strategic business leader " with a proven excellence in supply and material management of board and sub system level electronic components and associated products for leading electronics and system integrators within the sectors. Based on our core competence in the area of electromechanical components, we offer our customers a globally unique product and solutions portfolio of board /system level components and services to deliver innovative technology to the world.

Over a period, we have steadily built a strong reputation as a premier supplier of electronic and Electro Mechanical components. We have over a decades of experience now with a good reach to the Local Market and a rich Customer base. Our customer base includes Telecom, Automotive, Defense, Railways, Aerospace, Industrial and Medical sectors ranging from small and medium sized manufacturers across PAN India. We place emphasis on partnership-based customer relations and on holistic consulting, This approach provides our customers with flexible component management options that enable us to maintain long-term, collaborative relationships. Together with our customers, we are developing forward-looking solutions. The basic elements of the success of M/s. Satsun are the commitments, the quality, the motivation and the dedication of our employees for each individual project.

Since our inspection, our Primary focus was towards the Railways segment, we have been working with the OEM’s, where our products are complimenting with their Signaling systems for both main Rail and Metros across PAN India. Over 500 Sub-systems are successfully commissioned till date and have scope for more implementation.

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