Block Release Counters

A system is required to grant the Line Clear to an approaching train within minimum possible lapse of time. A system which gives Line Clear to the approaching train with a flawless verification of the Block Section status by the help of the Axle Counter. The system also helps the verification of the parting of trains inside the Block Section. This helps the Stationmaster to give the Line Clear to the other Train. With this method of circuit designing we have developed the Push Button type Block Instrument that could be commissioned with the Digital Axle Counter .

The Block Panel works in Absolute Block system incorporating Block Proving by Axle Counter to control the movement of trains on double line block section from one block station to another in a fixed direction.

The running of every train shall in its direction from one block station to another on double line be regulated by means of a block panel with associated axle counter and other equipments.

The control Panel is provided with SM’s key which shall always remain in the custody of the Station Master on duty for control of points, signals and crank handles control etc This key is provided to enable Station Master to have control on the block panel.

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